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'WILD PETS took me down at the knees. Medland's voice – part meow, part growl – is wholly her own, and her debut novel, nervy, hilarious and wickedly smart.' 


 – Elissa Schappell, author of Use Me and

Building Blueprints for Better Girls  


A visceral, elegant literary debut that tells one of the oldest stories in the world – first love – with joyous insouciance and wicked verve.


WILD PETS follows three graduates entering the real world in a time of Trump and #MeToo. Iris goes to New York to write, Ezra's band starts making waves and Nance becomes involved with an older academic. They fall in and out of bed with each other, while losing themselves in substances and late nights. 

Confronting adulthood with high wit and low behaviour, they seem to have everything going for them. So why are they still swimming desperately against the tide?

A bold, honest novel that serves as a litmus test for a generation WILD PETS is about the fragility of mental health, the power imbalances in friendship and sex, and creative ambition fused with destruction – and the lingering power of first loves.

It was published by Faber & Faber in July 2021 and can be ordered HERE now. 

'A new millennial bright spark...

Funny and smart and human and true.'

– Andrew O'Hagan, author of Mayflies

'A wickedly funny and emotionally complex novel

that skates along the dazzling surface of life then takes

a deep, chilling drop into the waters below.'

– Jenny Offill, author of Weather and Dept. of Speculation

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